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Attracting and retaining scientific talent is challenging; the number of job openings far outpaces the number of specialists in the field. Therefore, you need a recruitment partner who will work on your behalf to represent your business above and beyond your competition.

That is why our business is built on raising the standard of the industry by following through on our commitments. From everyday communication to delivering results, our commitments stay true and specific to every client we partner with.

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"Happy employees" is our mission. Our contract employees are supported and cared for by the Harba Solutions team resulting in strong, trusting relationships. We encourage collaborative communication to help with performance, attendance, and retention.

When our clients win projects, we are there to support and staff departments at speed. Focusing on niche skillsets within science and engineering ensures our clients have direct access to the talent they need.

Under this approach, Harba stations its scientists at your premises. We take charge of recruiting, hiring, training, offering benefits, and overseeing the insourced team. Appointing a leadership team that collaborates with you to establish a workflow, ensuring tasks are carried out efficiently, accurately, safely, and with high quality. This solution goes beyond temporary staffing: our team delivers laboratory services that enhance your capacities, akin to outsourced services, but integrated within your facility and working in tandem with your own scientists.

Our best-in-class talent attraction strategies fill critical managerial and senior level roles. Presenting a diverse shortlist of candidates whilst facilitating the interview process alongside your Executive team. This also includes the management of the candidate from offer stage to onboarding and beyond.

If you are a start-up or a company experiencing exponential growth, we become an extension of your talent acquisition department that handles all recruitment, interviewing and hiring processes.

RPO Is a cost-effective method to help you ramp up hiring supported by a fully outsourced recruitment team.

Tailored Solutions for your hiring needs

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to
your needs:


Tailored Excellence

Presenting Only Relevant Technical Candidates that Exceed Your Expectations


Perfect Alignment, Every Time

Candidates that Meet Your Brief and Fit Your Job's Duration.


Speed of Success

Faster Candidate Delivery than Any Other Staffing Firm


Future-Proof Solutions

Anticipating and Resolving Issues Ahead of Time


Solutions, Not Options

Harba Delivers Problem-Solving Talent, Not Just Choices.

True Scientific Recruitment

Our understanding of the skills and disciplines that make up life sciences, as well as what it demands from professionals, ensures our sole focus remains on scientific staffing.

It has enabled us to build a network of over 25,000 scientific specialists sub-divided by skills, industries, compensation benchmarks, and more so that a pre-screened shortlist of candidates can be delivered to you at speed. We are passionate about the world of science, and our expertise lies exclusively with scientific jobs. We move the industry forward through providing exceptional talent and will work tirelessly to achieve this for our clients.