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Defined development pathway

Career growth and promotion criteria set from the day you join.

Maximum earning potential

You will be rewarded commission on your deliverables from day one with an uncapped threshold.

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A close-knit team set for success.

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In the heart of the scientific community in Fishers, IN.



Follow Through

If you make a commitment, no matter the size; always follow through. A commitment made is a debt unpaid. We believe that we’ll be the BEST AND the BIGGEST scientific staffing firm in the US if we master this massive detail. Doing this one thing trumps everything. Follow through or don’t. It is your decision. The ones who do follow through will be the best 100% of the time.


Expect to WIN

Winners move the world forward. Think of every great thing in this world. It started with a person or team that wanted to win. Winning doesn’t only mean beating a competitor, it is about winning in your life’s challenges.

Each day, all of us at Harba set a personal power list that outlines our most important tasks. We hit these tasks and win each day. That consistent winning mentality advances us as individuals and as a team. We cannot control what the work does or what our competitors do, but we can control what we do.

Winning is about the battles we face and how we handle them. We don’t lose! We win and lift each other up. You should have a goal each and every day and never come into the office without a plan for the day. Know what you want to accomplish and build your top 3 powerlist items that are going to set you up for success and build progressive movement toward our team goals. .


We value the hard workers, the hustlers, the underdog

Skills can be taught. Heart and determination cannot. At Harba, if you give it your all and do everything in your power to be the best you can be, then you have a place on the team. If you are naturally talented with a poor attitude and poor work ethic, you do not have a place on this team. We are a team and we believe that you are the people you surround yourself with. If you have talent and you have heart, YOU WILL BE UNSTOPPABLE at Harba!


To be the BEST you must continuously be looking for ways to improve.

The competitive edge is educating ourselves on how to be better and more valuable to the industry. Learning never stops and the day we stop learning is the day we stop growing as a team. Being a true master at what you do is the key to overall happiness. It helps give purpose and pride in oneself. Harba will only go as far as how far we push ourselves. If you are not working on your own personal development, then you will not see long-term success. Only those who yearn to evolve will see massive success.


Own your Mistakes & Achievements

There is no such thing as luck. You do the right things to put yourself in the right situations. Winners are considered lucky because they put themselves in situations to win more often than losers. If we fail, we own that we didn’t do the right things and we adjust. If we win, we replicate and compound.

Taking ownership means, not waiting for help or looking for others to save you. It is taking a leadership role when needed. At Harba, we not only encourage people to take initiative, we demand it! If you see a problem with anything, fix it. Remember that not all changes will be popular but if it is for the betterment of the team, then it was the right move.

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